Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions crop up quite often, so we've compiled a selection of them here to save you some time. 

If you can't find an answer to the question you are looking for please contact us, by using the form on the contact us page.

Will my car go into an approved bodyshop?

Yes.  We will find an approved bodyshop for you in your area that you are happy with.

Who will take my car to the bodyshop?

Bristol & London will deliver the replacement vehicle to you and can take your car to the repairing bodyshop if it is driveable.

Who will pay for the car?

The guilty party’s insurance company will settle our invoice for the hire charges.

Do I need to insure the car?

We recommend you cover the hire vehicle on your own insurance policy.

Do I need to report the claim to my insurers?

Even though the accident was not your fault, we would recommend you notify your insurance company of the accident for information purposes only

Is there an excess to pay?

This depends on whether the claim is being processed through your own insurer, and what the terms and conditions are on your policy.

What type of vehicle will I get?

We only have prestige vehicles on fleet and will look to give you a vehicle to the same standard as your own.